In divisive times we need people who will work toward unity. People who can cross barriers. People who will fight for what is right and for the Common Good of all. People like the members of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good.

St. Laurence is heavily engaged with the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, a growing organization, currently comprised of approximately 30 community, ethno-cultural, non-profit, labour and faith groups. These organizations represent approximately 30,000 Calgarians.

The Alliance’s mandate is to build a broad-based, diverse community organization to work for a just and compassionate City.

Our previous Rector, the Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee, has served as Board Chair and media spokesperson in the past.

The Alliance’s project, #Calgary Strong, brought together citizens from the Alliance and other organizations to focus on the City of Calgary’s $60 million cut to its current budget. While acknowledging that the cuts would be made, #Calgary Strong advocated for those cuts not to be made at the expense of Calgary’s vulnerable populations. Approximately 300 people turned up at City Council on July 22, 2019, but initially were denied the right to speak. The #Calgary Strong group returned the next day, and Council reversed its decision and allowed us to speak. This opened the door for other groups such as labour unions, the Police Chief, and the Fire Chief to speak directly to Council in a public forum. Extensive media coverage helped to get our message out. Here’s just one of many media clips about this action. Click  here

The Calgary Alliance is affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), a U.S.-based organization whose mandate is to create new capacity in communities for leadership development, citizen-led action and relationships across the lines that often divide our communities.

The Alliance uses a modern model for broad-based organizing that is widely recognized as having a strong track record for developing citizen leadership and collaboration to achieve lasting change in the world.

The IAF currently works with thousands of faith groups, non-profits, civic organizations, ethnic groups and labour organizations across the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Here’s a link to the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good’s website:  Click here