In divisive times we need people who will work toward unity. People who can cross barriers. People who will fight for what is right and for the Common Good of all. People like the members of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good.

The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, of which St. Laurence Anglican Church is a founding member, is a non-partisan and non-profit alliance of faith groups, unions, education institutions, and ethno-cultural and community groups in Calgary representing more than 35,000 people in 33 organizations. It organizes Calgary’s civil society into a broad-based diverse organization for the purpose of establishing a voice for the city’s citizens, particularly the most vulnerable.

The Calgary Alliance has successfully initiated important advocacy and collaborative actions at the municipal level to advocate for issues related to mental health, police protection, transportation issues, environmental action, and truth and reconciliation.

St. Laurence has participated in the Calgary Alliance since the early organizing years beginning in 2010. Our former rector, the Reverend Anna Greenwood-Lee, served as first president of the Calgary Alliance’s board and became a primary media spokesperson.

Our congregation contributes in many ways:
• Participation in Research Action Teams where the work on issues take place
• Leadership for Sunday “Conversations” dialogues about the key initiatives
• Attendance at annual Delegates Assemblies
• Financial support as a dues-paying member of the Calgary Alliance

We welcome all to participate in St. Laurence’s efforts with the Calgary Alliance. For more information, please contact Sue Scott at or Susan Himann at
April, 2021

Here’s a link to the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good’s website:  Click here