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Getting to Know Each Other

When we think of “St. Laurence” we may think of our attractive church building. But isn’t our real identity the diverse community of people who meet here week by week …. older and younger, newer and longer time parishioners, couples and singles?

So that we can get to know each other better and have fun, St. Laurence has Foyer Groups – and here’s how they work. People who sign up are divided into groups of eight to ten (couples and singles) and these groups meet together several times over the following year. They often meet in each other’s homes for a pot luck meal and conversation.

The only guideline for these get togethers is that rather than having a gourmet extravaganza, the meal is to be kept simple so that the focus is on getting to know the people and enjoying being together.

What if you would like to join but don’t cook or you don’t have a big dining room, or you will be away during the year or have a food allergy? These are concerns past groups have been able to work around. A group sometimes chooses to meet at a restaurant, or order in pizza, and members attend as able. And if you don’t cook, you can pick up something from the bakery or bring some wine.

Whether you have been in a Foyer Group for each of the last eight years, or if you have never signed up, please consider joining a group now. It’s one way we get to know others in our St Laurence community better! 

The next groups will be formed in the fall.  If you are interested, please call Vic or Suzanne Cabel at 403-270- 0520.