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Criteria for Social Justice Project

When we began our discernment process to find a Social Justice project, the first thing we did was spend some time developing and refining criteria that we felt our project should meet.  We ended up with eight criteria.  Check our May newsletter (under Newsletters) for an update on our project.


Top Three Criteria 

  1. Has the ability to engage our people
  2. Has a “hands-on” component (ie Inn From the Cold)
  3. Fits our parish demographic and resources 

Other criteria that are important (in no particular order)

  • Is an issue of significance but perhaps not getting the attention it deserves
  • Is an issue that lets us partner with other community or non-profit organizations
  • Fits our history (ie. Feeding people – food bank, sandwich ministry, former meals on wheels)
  • The issue must be measurable. We need to know when we have reached our goal.
  • The issue must be achievable within a specific time frame (“Within 6 months we will have….”)