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St. Laurence strives to be truly welcoming to all people regardless of sexual orientation and identity.  In 2014 the parish entered into a discernment process re: same-sex blessings.  In April of that year we had a Special Parish meeting and passed the following motions with 92% of the parish in favour.

MOVED THAT in response to (a) General Synod’s 2004 affirmation of the integrity and sanctity of same-sex relationships, and (b) our Parish’s desire to encourage the Diocese of Calgary to embrace diversity, develop a “public voice”, and support parish-level decision-making; this Anglican Parish of St. Laurence hereby declares that it is a community that (i) welcomes and affirms persons living in committed adult same-sex relationships; and (ii) wishes to offer a pastoral response to such persons in the form of a Service of Blessing, using an appropriate liturgical rite.

This motion was passed with 69 votes in favour and 6 opposed.

In the fall of 2016 the parish council as well as others from the congregation who wished to join us participated in a Safe Space Training led by Calgary Sexual Health.

We continue to work to find ways to truly welcome and with our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters in Christ.